Laminated Glass FAQ's


How to Determine if Laminated Glass is Need For Your Window Glazing Project?

Laminated Glass Seattle Public Library System Central Library.

Does the widow glazing need address public safety issues?

  • Is safety glazing needed?
  • Is blast resistant glazing needed?
  • Does building codes require the glass to be fire rated?

Does the window glazing need to meet energy requirements?

  • Does the building have a heat gain or loss challenge?
  • Do different levels of the building have different energy needs
  • Building code driven requirements?

Does the window glazing need to factor in load conditions?

  • Wind, Thermal, Impact, Seismic, Snow, Structural

Does any of the window glazing need to provide security?

  • Vandalism, Burglary, Ballistic and Blast

Other widow glazing issues to consider?

  • Sound control
  • Solar glare reduction
  • Aesthetics