Laminated Glass Products

Got Laminate?

Lami Glass has the ability to laminate almost any type of glass. This ability allows us to produce and sell laminated safety glass, blast resistant glass and bullet resistant laminated glass for many applications. Overall, Lami Glass offers a wide variety of laminated glass and glass clad polycarbonate products.

Laminated Glass Products Offered: Bent glass laminates, billet stock laminates, colored glass laminates, custom glass laminates, glass clad polycarbonates, hurricane rated storm glass, sound control glass, textured glass laminates and Viewcol™ glass laminates.

Anti-Reflective Laminates

Pilkington OptiView™ Anti-Reflective Glass…. "The most amazing glass you'll never see."

Anti-Reflective Laminated Glass

OptiView™ Anti-Reflective Glass cuts visible
light reflectance to less than 2%.

Description: Lami Glass is approved to laminate OptiView™ by Pilkington. This laminated glass provides all the benefits of regular laminated plus cuts down glare from 8% reflectance down to 1.7% reflectance. This glass is available in ¼"(6mm) or ½"(12mm) nominal thickness.

Application: OptiView™ can be applied to both interior and exterior laminated glass applications such as, interior and exterior retail viewing windows, jewelry cabinets, museum glass, sports viewing areas.

Bent Laminates

Bent Laminated Glass Can Be Matched With a Variety of Decorative Glass Options.

Solar Transmittance of Laminated Glass.

The glass railing at this department store feature
bent glass laminates.

Description: Lami Glass has the ability to laminate bent glass. If your design requires bent glass and code demands safety glass, Lami can help you achieve this.

Bent laminated glass is comprised of two or more layers of bent glass combined with polyvinyl butyral (pvb) or urethane interlayer’s in an autoclave system for material bonding. In addition to safety from injury due to glass breakage, bent laminated glass helps reduce sound transmission, blocks 99% of the suns ultra violet rays and is effective in attack, ballistic, blast and hurricane resistance. Bent laminated glass can be matched with a variety of decorative glass options. Can also be provided as bent tempered laminated glass for structural glazing applications.

Application: Glass shower enclosures, sneeze guards, railing glass, skylights

Billets Laminates

Elevator Laminated Glass

Elevator enclosure uses laminated glass.

Lami Stocks Standard Sized Laminated Glass.

Description: We stock standard size billets of laminated glass 3/16"(5mm) and 7/32"(6mm) thicknesses. The glass billet is sold and packaged in 2,000 lbs. and 4,000 lbs. crated cases.

Application: Standard sizes can but stored on customers premises and can be cut to size allowing our customer to quickly produce laminated, insulated glass units or emergency glass replacement.

Colored Laminated Glass Products

A Wide Variety of Different Interlayer Color Options is Available for Laminated Decorative Glass.

Colored Glass Laminates

Custom Colored Glass Laminates.

Description: We can assist in satisfying your desired color palate. We have 22 different interlayer color options. These colored interlayer’s can be combined to create an almost limitless spectrum of colors.

Application: Feature walls, office partitions, light boxes, schools, airports, hotel lobbies, reception areas,

Custom Laminates

Custom Glass Laminates.

This railing features custom glass laminates.

Creating Custom Laminates Using Customer Sourced Laminated Glass.

Description: We have the capability of producing custom laminated glass. Lami Glass laminates many varieties of custom glass laminates. Annealed, tempered and heat-strengthened laminated glass can be fabricated with polished edges, holes, notches or any other fabrication commonly found on glass.

Application: Glass canopies, flooring, glass stairs, security glazing, kiosks, railings, jewelry cabinets, signage, skylights, sound control glazing, blast resistant glazing, storm protection glazing, military vehicles, armored vehicles, Marine windows, decorative windows and much more.

Glass Clad Polycarbonates (GCP)

Click a button to view the individual GCP layers.

High-Level Security and Glass Clad Polycarbonates are a Perfect Combination.

Description: Glass Clad Polycarbonates(GCP) is produced by combining varying core plies of polycarbonate, polyurethane interlayer, and outer lites of glass. TPU is used to adhere the polycarbonate layers, as it is a more compatible adhesive for the polycarbonate. The result is a strong, lightweight, and durable

Application: Prisons, armored vehicles, courthouses, embassies, hospitals, psychiatric wards, military barracks, banks, jewelry stores.

Hurricane Glass

Laminated Hurricane Glass

Laminated Hurricane Glass Reduces Damages.

Hurricane Rated Laminated Glass Products Pass Windborne Debris Impact Tests.

Description: Lami Glass is a Saflex™, Dade county approved hurricane glass laminator. We can provide technical assistance to help you meet your storm protection requirements. We are certified to provide you with the following products:

We are certified to provide you with the following products:

  • Vanceva Storm Solutions™
  • Saflex HP™
  • Dupont Sentry Glass™

Application: Canopy, flooring, stairs, security glazing, kiosks, railings, jewelry cabinets, signage, skylights, sound control glazing, blast resistant glazing, storm protection glazing, military vehicles, armored vehicles, Marine windows, decorative windows and much more.

Sound Control Glass

Sound Control Laminated Glass

The windows in the background feature noise
reducing laminated glass.

Laminated Glass Can Reduce The Transmission of Unwanted Noise.

Description: Standard laminated glass is highly effective at reducing the transmission of unwanted noise compared to regular monolithic glass. And for and even greater reduction in unwanted noise, Lami Glass offers an "enhanced" sound control interlayer. We have many tested make-ups and can provide you with STC estimates.

Application: Airports, hotels, schools, offices, hospitals

Textured Glass Laminates

Textured laminates are perfect for use in high traffic areas, such as dance floors and retail stores.

Textured Laminated Glass

Stairway featuring textured laminated glass flooring.

Description: From slightly textured to cast glass, many varieties of patterned glass can be laminated. Textured glass laminates can be any size, shape or thickness, and are typically made with sandwiched layers of tempered glass. The laminated glass panels are versatile, coming in a variety of colors, glass types, and also can be completely transparent. They can be used in high traffic areas, such as shops or dance floors, where they are often textured to reduce slippage and to hide scratches.

Application: Floors, water features, railings, feature walls,railings.

Viewcol™ Laminates

The transparency, color and texture levels can be
adjusted when using Viewcol™ imagery.

High-Resolution Imagery Can Be Applied to Viewcol™ Laminated Glass.

Description: Viewcol™ has come up with the answer to the bland glass facade and interior by developing a product to laminate high-resolution imagery into glass. Any design and image can be reproduced as long as the quality of the original supports the final size of the reproduction. Anything from corporate logos, to luscious fruit and cascading waterfalls can be placed on the exterior or interior of a building changing the structure into a collage of bright and inviting colors.

Application: Viewcol™ can be applied to both interior and exterior laminated decorative glass applications such as, offices, hotels and casinos, restaurants and bars, museums, public buildings and homes. Viewcol™ offers architects and designers the possibility of fully exploiting creativity.